The Consequences Of Ignoring Minor Roof Issues


Small problems around your home never seem like a big deal at the time, but they have the potential to lead to major issues if ignored. This is especially true when it comes to your roof, which needs to be in good shape to keep water out of your home. Here are some potential consequences of ignoring minor roof issues. Caved In Ceilings Your problems are not going to suddenly cause your entire ceiling to cave in, but it will start off small.

15 December 2018

How to Find Leaks on a Commercial Modified Bitumen Flat Roof


If your commercial building with a modified bitumen flat roof is leaking water into your office or warehouse space, then it is important to figure out exactly where it is leaking. Not only do you need to find the leak to stop the annoying drips and put your buckets away, but also because leaking roofing materials are very dangerous for the underlying structure of the building. Finding a leak on modified bitumen flat roof isn't always as simple as just climbing up and looking for wet spots.

9 November 2018

3 Roofing Maintenance Tips To Help With The Installation Of Energy-Efficient Materials


The roofing materials that you choose to have installed on your home can be durable and energy-efficient. There are many different types of choices of roofing materials that you can have to make your home more energy-efficient, as well as different maintenance and repair needs that come with each type of material. Here are some roofing maintenance tips to help with installation of new energy-efficient roofing materials. 1. Better Roofing Durability With Routine Cleaning and Fall Maintenance

17 October 2018

Going Solar? Great! Contact A Roofing Contractor


If you have decided to use solar power to generate electricity for even part of your home, you will be saving money and the environment.  You may have contacted a solar company to discuss how much power you need to generate, how many panels you will need, and what type of storage batteries to use for times when there is not enough sunlight. While this is a good start, before you go any further you are going to need to talk with a roofing contractor.

1 October 2018

Critters In Your Attic? Check The Base Of Your Roof Vent


If you find numerous squirrels, rats, or even birds living in your attic, you may check your gutters and siding for holes. But your roof vent may actually be the reason so many critters are living in your attic. The shingles around the base of your roof vent may be damaged. Here's how pests use your roof vent to enter your home and how you can repair the vent now.

15 September 2018

Three Tips For Choosing Shingle Color


Is it time for a new roof and you're thinking about a change of style? Fortunately, when it comes to asphalt shingles, you have many choices when it comes to the color. When choosing a color for your roof, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Asphalt shingles can last for decades, so you want to make sure you choose a color wisely. The following information can ensure you make a choice that you can live with and appreciate for many years to come.

30 August 2018

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Roof


A roof is an investment, since it is the main barrier between your home and weather damage. Taking care of your roof can help extend its life while also protecting your home's interior. The following are a few tasks you should do that will help prevent damage to your roofing. Keep your gutters clean Gutters may seem like a minor thing that would have little impact on a roof, but the opposite is true.

30 July 2018