Do You Have A Leaky Tin Roof? Preserve The Historical Beauty Of Your Home While Stopping Leaks With Tin Roof Restoration


Tin roofs were common on colonial-era homes, and quite a few homes built in this time period still retain their original roof. Unfortunately, lack of maintenance has caused severe rust damage to many of these beautiful roofs. If you or a family member own a home with an old tin roof, it's worth restoring it instead of replacing it. You'll preserve the historical appeal of your home while protecting the interior of the home from leaks.

11 July 2018

A Guide To Roof Cleaning


Roof cleaning is definitely a service that is easy for most people to forget about. Many people don't really look closely at the roof, and never even notice problems unless they are severe. That is, many people never do anything to their roof unless their is damage that is visible from the ground, if their is moss growing on the shingles, or if the roof is actually leaking. But, if you are smart, you can have your roof cleaned by professionals and make sure that the colors look clean and new.

27 June 2018

How To Insulate Your Roof


If you are ready to upgrade your roof, you need to think more than just what material and style you want. That is, once you decide what material you are going to use on your roof, you need to decide how you are going to insulate it. The insulation on your roof is vital because it has such an impact on the overall energy efficiency of your home. Much of the heat transfer, during both the winter and summer, happens on the roof.

4 June 2018

Leaking And Clogged Water Heater Drain Valves – Fix It Fast


Moss tends to grow in places that you really don't want it to thrive. This beautiful ground cover can cause problems when it roots on your roofing and begins to spread across the surface. Here, you'll find information about moss growth on your roofing and how to remove it without damaging your roof. A Little About Moss Knowing a little about what you're battling can help you defeat the culprit. Moss thrives in shaded, damp areas.

17 May 2018

Signs You Must Replace Your Shingle Roof


A damaged roof doesn't always have to be replaced; there are various forms of roof repairs that can save damaged roofs. However, there are also situations where the damage is so critical and extensive that nothing but a replacement can help. Here are a few examples of such situations. Most of the Shingles Are Damaged This is one of the most obvious reasons for replacing a roof; after all, it's the shingles that make the roof, and if most of them are damaged, it makes sense that a replacement is in order.

3 May 2018

4 Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Home's Roof


Roofs are one of the most important parts of a home, but they will eventually reach the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. Replacing your roof is not a small financial investment, so it is important to be informed and prepared. Understanding the process of having your roof replaced can go a long way. If you're planning on having a roof replacement in the near future, consider the following things:

18 April 2018

3 Things You Should Know About Vinyl Siding


If you are getting ready to replace the siding on your home, and you are thinking about putting vinyl siding on our home, you want to make sure that you understand as much as possible about the material you will be putting on your home. 1. Vinyl Siding Is Made of Polyvinyl Chloride Vinyl siding is made out of polyvinyl chloride, which is more commonly known as PVC. Modern vinyl siding has two different layers.

25 March 2018

3 Of The Best Roofing Materials


If you need to make structural repairs to the roof deck, it may also be a smart time to invest in a new roofing material. That is, if you are, you have to have a professional roofing contractor come to your house and remove parts of your roof to access and repair the deck, it might be the opportune time to install a brand new material that will modernize your roof.

25 March 2018

4 Reasons To Restore Your Office Building's Roof


Is your office building's roof looking a little old and worn? Here are a few good reasons to consider having it professionally restored: Maintain Optimal Curb Appeal A great reason to have your office building's roof professionally restored is to maintain an attractive curb appeal that will impress customers when they pull up and make employees feel like they're working in a safe environment. Investing in restorations will give your roof a new look and feel without having to make expensive replacements.

17 March 2018

The Perks Of Synthetic Roofing


Do you want to remodel your roof? If you are thinking about replacing your current roof material and doing some work on your deck to fix any leaking problems, it's going to be a sizable monetary investment. But, it could be well worth it. Roof replacement can not only increase the value of your property but also reduce your monthly utility bills. Roof replacement can make it cheaper to live in your home, while also increasing the value of your home in the long run.

5 March 2018